Recent DCC Endorsements


Capps, Epstein, Richards & I.V. CSD Endorsed by DCC

In the past two months, the Santa Barbara County Democratic Party has given its official endorsement to Laura Capps for the Santa Barbara school board, Susan Epstein for Goleta school board, Kyle Richards for Goleta City Council, and to the November ballot measure that seeks to create a formal Community Services District in Isla Vista.

Epstein is running for her fourth term on the Goleta school board, but Capps and Richards are first-time office seekers, and the party is equally enthusiastic about each of these candidates, and welcomes them to the extensive slate of fine Democrats to be supported in November.

Though only residents of Isla Vista can vote for the upgrade to Community Services District status, it is seen as a regional landmark opportunity for improvement to a vital part of the county that has had only minimal means of self-governance. A major point of persuasion in this measure is its funding through a user utility tax (UUT), which is widely seen as equitable for both landlords and residents.

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