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A Year Without War

Our friends at the Santa Barbara and Tri-Counties Chapter of the United Nations Association pass along information on this intriguing project originating from Santa Barbara City College’s philosophy department. It is a proposal called 2020 A Year Without War. It comprises is a global community working towards one goal: one year (2020) without war. That is, for 2020 to see a global cease fire, truce, or step down for just one year to rethink how we handle conflict in the 21st century and to reassess the costs of war on people, environments, economics, education, infrastructure, travel, food, animals, and families.
To see how you can participate go to the 2020 AYWW funding site.

Low Pay is Not OK

In a perfect example of ‘socialize the costs and privatize the profits’ major fast food companies rely on Federal assistance to keep their wages low. In fact,  McDonalds has actively told their employees to seek SNAP assistance and Medicaid to gain access to assistance for food and healthcare. One of the major planks of the Republican party platform is that we need to move the poor into jobs and off of welfare. It’s a little hard to digest.

Money Out Voters In

Santa Barbara Democrats