Get Started on Understanding State Ballot Measures

As usual for California, the statewide ballot in November will be overflowing with voter initiatives, constitutional amendments, and legislative proposals requiring considerable attention and study from voters hoping to make thoughtful choices. The most current official listing of these measures–17, in all, (Props. 51 thru 67)–can be found by visiting the Secretary of State’s site, and further non-partisan information is available from Ballotpedia.

The choices this year include:

Prop. 63,  a variety of gun control measures
Prop. 64,  legalization of marijuana
Prop. 62,  abolition of the death penalty in California
Prop. 56,  a hefty cigarette tax increase
Prop. 59,  voter instruction for overturning Citizens United.
Prop. 58,  the return of bi-lingual education
Prop. 55,  an extension of 2012’s Prop. 30 income tax increase
Prop. 60,  required use of condoms in pornographic films
Prop. 67,  an effort to overturn ban on single-use plastic bags

Now could be a good time to start educating ourselves!


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