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Constitution and Bylaws

Democratic Service Club of Santa Barbara County


The name of this organization will be the Democratic Service Club of Santa Barbara County (hereafter “the Club”). The Club will be chartered with the Santa Barbara County Democratic Central Committee (“SBCDCC”).


Section 2.1 Goals
Our goal is to promote the Democratic Party and its ideas, ideals, and candidates in Santa
Barbara County. We pursue this goal through active outreach toward registered and potential Democrats, initiatives to increase Democratic voter participation, and development of a permanent and active network of well-trained Democratic volunteers. The Club is committed to expanding opportunities for democratic political action and providing a grass-roots channel for the participation of like-minded people.

Section 2.2 Function and Purpose
The Club shall participate countywide in the Democratic Party, cooperate and communicate with other Democratic Clubs, Committees and Associations, assist Democratic functions in Santa Barbara County, and perform such other activities as the membership may decide.

Section 2.3 Endorsements
The Club leaves all endorsements to the Democratic Party and shall not officially endorse candidates, ballot measures, or any other voter issue. The Club may circulate and promote the positions and endorsements of the SBCDCC when it chooses.

Section 2.4 Governing Rules
All activities of the Club shall be in conformance with Federal and State law, any provisions of the bylaws or rules of the California State Democratic Party applicable to the Club, bylaws of the SBCDCC, and these Bylaws.


Section 3.1 Eligibility for Membership
Members in Good Standing must be registered Democrats with the Santa Barbara County Registrar of Voters or if under the age of eighteen or otherwise ineligible to vote shall declare their intention to so register when allowed. Members shall be considered in good standing if their annual dues are current or have been waived in recognition of volunteer time expended on the Club’s behalf.

Section 3.2 Required Information
Members and Affiliates shall provide the Membership Chair Steering Committee with current mailing addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses (if available).

Section 3.3 Required information
Members and Affiliates shall provide the Membership Chair with current mailing addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses (if available).

Section 3.4 Dues
Dues shall be paid annually by Members of the Club. The Club shall establish the time and manner by which these dues shall be paid. The Executive Board of the Club reserves the right to make all final determinations of membership status and privileges.

Section 3.5 Termination
Membership shall be terminated upon tender of resignation or by the Executive Board’s
declaration that a person’s membership is terminated in accordance with law or these Bylaws. Any member may have his or her membership terminated for failure to uphold the responsibilities of his or her membership, as outlined in this Article, or for conduct inconsistent with the interests of the Democratic Party as provided in Election Code Section 7215. Upon notification that a member of the Club has acted in a manner contrary to the above-referenced Election Code section, the Executive Board shall send written notice of provisional removal to the affected member at the member’s address shown on the records of the Club. The member shall have an opportunity to show cause why his or her membership should not be terminated. Within fifteen (15) days after the giving of notice, the member may request a meeting of the Executive Board for a hearing. To terminate membership, a three-fourths (3/4) majority of the Executive Board must approve the action.


Section 4.1 Executive Board
The organization will have an executive board of four (4) elective officers. The officers will be: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. No one person may simultaneously hold more than one of these offices. The Executive Board shall administer the affairs of the Club in accordance with the policies established by the Club and these Bylaws. The Executive Board may form any committees it deems necessary.

Section 4.2 Executive Board Meetings
The Executive Board will meet no less than four (4) times during the course of one (1) calendar year. All acts of the Executive Board require a majority vote of the members present.

Section 4.3 Steering Committee
The Steering Committee will consist of the officers and members appointed by the Executive Board to provide guidance in the execution of the Club’s commitments and activities. It is the primary decision-making body of the Club.


Section 5.1 President
The President will be the chief executive officer for the Club. He/she will preside over all meetings of the Club, Executive Board and the Steering Committee; shall be an ex-officio member of all committees; shall appoint all standing and special committees and their chairpersons; shall represent the Club at County and State functions; may remove anyone from any appointed position with the approval of the Executive Board; shall give guidance to the committee chairs in their work and shall perform all duties pertaining to the office of President.

Section 5.2 Vice President
The Vice President shall render all possible assistance to the President in matters pertaining to the Club, and shall assume the duties of the President in his/her absence at meetings and public functions requiring Club participation.

Section 5.3 Treasurer
The Club Treasurer shall be the chief financial officer of the organization. He/she shall receive all monies of the Club, shall maintain accurate records of receipts and expenditures; shall coordinate all financial activities, including any tax responsibilities with the Internal Revenue Service or reporting to state and federal election boards; shall advise the Club President and Executive Board of the financial condition of the Club; shall write checks and make deposits as directed by the Executive Board.

Section 5.4 Secretary
The Secretary shall record the minutes of all general membership, Executive Board, and Steering Committee meetings, supply copies of those minutes to the Steering Committee and maintain records of those minutes. He/she shall assist with correspondence as requested by the Executive Board or Steering Committee.


Section 6.1 Elections
Officers will be elected at the Annual General Meeting, to be held in the first quarter of the calendar year. The President and the Secretary will be elected in even years. The Vice President and Treasurer will be elected in odd years.

Section 6.2 Term of Office
All terms will be for two years, without term limits on re-election. Officers shall hold office until they resign, their successor is elected, they are recalled, or until their membership is terminated, whichever comes first.

Section 6.3 Nominating Committee
The Executive Board shall have the power to supervise all Club Elections. The President shall appoint a Nominating Committee at least thirty (30) days prior to the Annual General Meeting. This committee shall present one candidate for each elective office at the Annual General Meeting. Additional nominations from the floor shall be in order at that time.

Section 6.4 Eligibility to Vote
There shall be a forty-five (45) day membership requirement prior to a Member being permitted to vote or participate in any Club election.

Section 6.5 Election Procedure
Contested elections shall be conducted by secret ballot. Proxies and absentee voting are prohibited. Uncontested elections will be by acclamation.

Section 6.6 Recall
Any officer may be recalled at any regular meeting by an affirmative vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the Members present, by secret ballot, provided that a quorum exists and that a member of the Executive Board has, at least ten (10) days prior to the meeting, given written notice of the recall issue and the alleged grounds for the recall.

Section 6.7 Vacancy
On the occurrence of any vacancy in any office, the President shall appoint an interim officer to fill the office until the next Annual General Meeting, at which time an election will be held to fill out the remainder of the vacated office if necessary. If a vacancy occurs in the office of President, the Vice President shall become President.

Section 6.8 Selection of Representatives to California Democratic Party (CDP) Pre-Endorsement Conferences
Potential representatives to the CDP Pre-endorsement conferences must comply with all specifications set forth by the state party for chartered clubs/organizations for participation in the pre-endorsement process. Said representatives shall be selected from the Club’s roster of Members in Good Standing by majority vote of the Steering Committee.


Section 7.1 Regular Meetings
The Club General Body will meet no less than one (1) time during the course of one (1) year with at least ten (10) days’ notice before the meeting date set by the President. The President, with the concurrence of the Executive Board, may declare Club functions and work parties to be regularly scheduled meetings.

Section 7.2 Special Meetings
If the President fails to call a necessary meeting, a meeting may be called with at least five (5) days’ notice by a majority of the Executive Board. Only business specified in the notice of the special meeting shall be transacted.

Section 7.3 Quorum
A quorum of ten percent (10%) of Members in good standing shall be required at every General Body meeting.

Section 7.4 Participation
Except as otherwise noted in these bylaws, rules for participation, motions, voting, and adjournment for General Body meetings will be governed by the most recent edition of Robert’s Rules of Order.


These Bylaws may be amended by a vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the Members present at any regularly scheduled general meeting, provided: a) that a quorum of members is present at the meeting; and b) that written notice of the text of the amendment has been sent to each member at least ten (10) days before the meeting.