Great Job SB Dems! Near Sweep on South Coast, Calamity Averted for the Nation

Nationally, Democrats are feeling grateful that things aren’t worse. Locally, though, Election Day 2022 couldn’t have gone much better. At this point two days after the voting deadline, we are winning 22 of the 25 races the County party endorsed in.

As crunch time arrived at HQ on Carrillo St., the DSC was there in full force, counting out slate pieces and candidate’s individual campaign lit., labeling all of it with appropriate polling location info for GOTV canvassers to leave with voters, and bundling it all into walkable packets for an incredible team of local volunteers.  All under the skilled direction of our Operations Director (he’s so much more than that!) Spencer Brandt, who himself was running for office in Isla Vista—AND WON!.

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