Victory for 2 Democratic endorsed candidates; Alejandra Gutierrez & Mike Jordan

Thanks to all the volunteers, leaders and voters
who worked elect our City Council candidates!

Alejandra won by only 8 votes.

Elected to the SB City Council: Alejandra Gutierrez and Mike Jordan

The victory of the two Democratic endorsed candidates (especially for Alejandra Gutierrez) is a tribute to the very hard work of grassroots volunteers, who phoned, canvassed and fought tooth and nail for months to make this happen, and also the superb work of the county party’s Organizing Director, Spencer Brandt, and its Chair, Gail Teton-Landis.


Group of about 20 volunteers

The hard-working grassroots volunteers

The results show Alejandra Gutierrez winning District 1 with 963 votes, just eight votes over challenger Jason Dominguez in the District 1 race. Mike Jordan won the Mesa District 2 race with a total of 1,509 votes. They will both serve 5 year terms.


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