Club Update – DSC Volunteers in Action

Club Update
DSC Volunteers in Action
Putting out the mail for the Friedman campaign on the porch at HQ.

Since the September 1st opening of the new Democratic party headquarters at 1025 Castillo St., DSC volunteers have carried out two mailing projects for the current election campaign and appeared on camera with mayoral and council candidates Cathy Murillo and Gregg Hart in their new TV spots. Thank you to those dedicated folks who responded this month when needed for these various projects: John Devereaux, Chris Dille, Jane Fehrenbacher, Mickey Flacks, Gerry Gabowitz, Caroline Gunther, Maggie Gold, Martha Hassenplug, Sally Hearon, Vijaya Jammalamadaka, Cheryl Rogers, Barbara Tennison, Marian Shapiro, Gail & David Teton-Landis, Mary Thompson, Hap Ziegler, Chas. & Jan Clouse and others.

Bungalow Heaven for Dem candidates this year and next.
The spacious campaign HQ, a charming bungalow in a residential neighborhood, is conveniently located downtown near the corner of Castillo and Carrillo streets, with ample street parking for volunteers as well as free parking in the adjacent commuter lot after 6 p.m.and on Sundays, which makes it particularly useful for evening phone banks and weekend walks. Once past the 2017 SB city elections, it will be retained at least through 2018 for the congressional race and other coordinated campaign needs.

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