City of Santa Barbara Elections

The Time Has Come

Ballots for the city election go out to voters the week of October 9, and need to be returned by mail by Tuesday, November 7. Ballots may be brought in to the City Clerk’s office prior to Election Day, and there will be four other drop off locations open on Nov. 7, but there are no traditional polling places. For full details about voter registration deadlines and ballot collection click here
The endorsed candidates, Cathy Murillo for Mayor, Jim Scafide (District 4), Eric Friedman (District 5) and Gregg Hart (District 6) for City Council, are busy walking neighborhoods and phoning voters from the recently opened party headquarters at 1025 Castillo St. It’s a job requiring lots of volunteer effort. Here’s how to help:
Contact Tyler Gibson at 805-364-2685 or


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