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Voter Reg. at Earth Day


Santa Barbara’s traditional Earth Day Festival provides the DSC with fertile ground for growing the base of local Democratic voters. Our voter registration booth in the festival’s “Public Square” this weekend was well-staffed with volunteers and ready to help first-time voters get on board and to re-register those who have moved or, perhaps, changed names. New this year: 16 and 17 year-olds can pre-register and be set to vote as soon as they turn 18.

The DSC’s Earth Day tabling has been organized by Pat Beals, and staffed over

DSC volunteers Hap Ziegler, Pat Beals, EJ Borah and Chas. Clouse take on the first shift of the Earth Day weekend.

two days by EJ Borah, Temmy Bowman, Leslie Edgerton, Gail Gillies, Francis Hallinan, Bev Herbert, Jane Herner, Vijaya Jammalamakdaka, Meredith McMinn, Chris Nelson, Gail Teton-Landis, and Hap Ziegler. Thank you all!

The booth was also serving as home base for all the endorsed candidates for the 2017 city council and mayoral races: Cathy Murillo (for Mayor), Gregg Hart (Dist. 6), Eric Friedman (Dist. 5), and Jim Scafide (Dist. 4).
Progressive Allies

The Democratic Service Club continues to support and participate in the Santa Barbara Progressive Coalition’s regular meetings and wide-ranging activities. The Coalition web page lists its¬†goals as follows:

  1. Stand up to the threats that Donald Trump and his Cabinet pose to the people of the United States, the world, and most importantly our local communities here in Santa Barbara.
  2. Advance progressive values of diversity, inclusive communities, economic justice, environmental protection, affordable health care, women’s rights, immigrant rights, LGBQT rights, public education, anti-corruption, and protecting the Bill of Rights, particularly the First Amendment rights of free speech and liberty.
  3. Brainstorm ideas for action and take action both at meetings and in between meetings.
  4. Provide a community to support one another.
Everyone is welcome at bi-monthly meetings (alternating Monday evenings and Saturday afternoons) held at Casa de la Raza (601 E. Montecito St., SB). Also, check into the action on the Progressive Coalition’s Facebook group page.

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