It’s Been A Busy Fall

Here’s what we’ve been up to

thanks to the volunteers who made it possible:

Registering Voters: Our outreach team on the SBCC campus registered over 200 voters once students returned to campus. That operation, along with tabling at the Pacific Pride Festival in August and the Coalition Against Gun Violence’s Concert Across America in September, was led by Jim MacMillanwith consistent help from a team of volunteers taking multiple shifts over several weeks:

Pat Beals Mickey Flacks Meredith McMinn
Jessica Bixler Gail Gillies Kate Mead
EJ Borah Sally Hearon Nancy Miller
Temmy Bowman Bev Herbert Chris Nelson
Jody Byron Cooper Jane Herner Chris Pursell
Jan & Chas. Clouse Vijaya Jammalamadaka Janet & Harvey Shapiro
Leslie Edgerton Jim LeVasseur
Mary Stoddard
Gail Eisen Charlotte MacMillan Barbara Tennison
Jane Fehrenbacher Kathy McGuire Gail Teton-Landis

DSC Welcome Desk: For the third successive congressional election year, the DSC maintained a reliable volunteer presence–five days a week, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.–at the coordinated campaign headquarters, answering phones, entering canvass data, registering voters, greeting walk-ins, and offering Hillary merchandise for donations. Many thanks to steady volunteers:
Temmy Bowman
Sally Hearon Basha Millhollen
Jan & Chas. Clouse Paula Johnson Nancy Rourke
Caroline Gunther Marge Krystian Janet & Harvey Shapiro
Martha Hassenplug Nancy Miller Gail Teton-Landis
Laura Vandracek

Mass Mailings, Labeling and more: 

The ever-willing DSC Mailing Brigade took care of two very large and numerous smaller mailing projects for the Carbajal campaign as well as walk packet labeling for the coordinated campaign’s GOTV effort. Still others prepared thousands of Joan Hartmann door-hangers for distribution in Isla Vista by carefully attaching condoms. Volunteers for all these projects included the following: Sondra Aggeler, Vicki Algren, Marty & Joe Blum,Temmy Bowman,EJ Borah, Farfalla Borah, Dianne Channing,Chas. & Jan Clouse, Peter & Paulina Conn,John Devereaux,Jill Dexter,Leslie Edgerton,Jane Fehrenbacher, Mickey Flacks, Martha Hassenplug, Sally Hearon, Lee Heller,  Stephanie Johnstone, Jim & Charlotte MacMillan, Joanne Meade-Young, Nancy Miller, Basha Millhollen, Nancy Murdock, Chris Nelson, Antonia Robertson, Cheryl Rogers, Lin Rolens, Nancy Rourke, Sandra Lee, Marian Shapiro, Sid Slaff, Mary Stoddard, Barbara Tennison, Gail Teton-Landis, Barbara Wagner and Hap Ziegler. 
Fund-raisers and more: A skilled group of our club’s Steering Committee provided check-in, food service, live music and clean up for fund-raising events for Monique Limón, Joan Hartmann, and Kyle Richards.

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