Jan 15

Let’s Get Things Started!

We elect our members of Congress and the CA Assembly every two years. It may seem early, but it’s time for them to get back into gear.

Let’s Get Things Started!

Dec 28

Discussion about the Democratic Party of Santa Barbara Endorsement Process

Dec 21

The Thomas Fire Resource and Recovery Fair, December 22

The Thomas Fire Resource and Recovery Fair will be held tomorrowDecember 22nd, from 10am-2pm at the Carpinteria Community Church, located at 1111 Vallecito Road in Carpinteria.

Please note the change in location and share with anyone who has been affected by the fire.

recieved from Das Williams for Supervisor

Dec 09

United Nations Global Day of Action: Universal Healthcare

From Our Friends with the United Nations Association
and Health Care for All – SB Chapters
             United Nations Association
    Santa Barbara Chapter
United Nations Global Day of Action:
Universal Healthcare
Tuesday, December 12, 2017
5:30  7 pm
Karpeles Manuscript Library
See highlights of the Frontline Documentary
Sick Around the World
Free and open to the public,
Light refreshments provided
“Universal health coverage is a political goal rooted in
the human right to health. But no right has ever been
guaranteed until people decided to fight for it.”
For information phone Peter at 682-5183 or email: pconnt43@cox.net

Oct 31

One Week to Go – Get Out The Vote

Oct 17

the time to contact as many voters as possible is upon us

It’s That Time of Year Again
With ballots going out next week, the time to contact as many voters as possible is upon us. With any luck, if we work now, the harvest and the celebration in November will be prodigious.

Oct 14

Club Update – DSC Volunteers in Action

Club Update
DSC Volunteers in Action
Putting out the mail for the Friedman campaign on the porch at HQ.

Since the September 1st opening of the new Democratic party headquarters at 1025 Castillo St., DSC volunteers have carried out two mailing projects for the current election campaign and appeared on camera with mayoral and council candidates Cathy Murillo and Gregg Hart in their new TV spots. Thank you to those dedicated folks who responded this month when needed for these various projects: John Devereaux, Chris Dille, Jane Fehrenbacher, Mickey Flacks, Gerry Gabowitz, Caroline Gunther, Maggie Gold, Martha Hassenplug, Sally Hearon, Vijaya Jammalamadaka, Cheryl Rogers, Barbara Tennison, Marian Shapiro, Gail & David Teton-Landis, Mary Thompson, Hap Ziegler, Chas. & Jan Clouse and others.

Bungalow Heaven for Dem candidates this year and next.
The spacious campaign HQ, a charming bungalow in a residential neighborhood, is conveniently located downtown near the corner of Castillo and Carrillo streets, with ample street parking for volunteers as well as free parking in the adjacent commuter lot after 6 p.m.and on Sundays, which makes it particularly useful for evening phone banks and weekend walks. Once past the 2017 SB city elections, it will be retained at least through 2018 for the congressional race and other coordinated campaign needs.

Oct 11

Getting to Know Jim Scafide, the endorsed Democrat for District 4, Wednesday, October 11, 2017, 5:30 – 7:30

DSC Header
Here’s a great opportunity to meet the endorsed Democrat for District 4. Even if you don’t live in that part of town, you’ll want to see what Jim will contribute to the Santa Barbara City Council when he joins the team of Mayor Cathy Murillo, Gregg Hart, and Eric Friedman.
Democratic Service Club, P.O. Box 1478, Santa Barbara, CA 93102

Oct 03

SB Young Dems Walk & Hope Ranch Pool Party

Santa Barbara Young Dems are worried that the city is in danger of having a Trump-supporting mayor due to a split Democratic field. Working against that possibility, they will come together to talk to at least 1,000 people on October 8, a month before mail-in ballots are delivered.
The immediate reward for the noontime Cathy Murillo canvassing operation starting from Dem HQ at 1025 Castillo will be a 3 o’clock pool party at the Hope Ranch home of county Democratic party chair Gail Teton-Landis. Check out the details and sign-up here.

Oct 03

City of Santa Barbara Elections

The Time Has Come

Ballots for the city election go out to voters the week of October 9, and need to be returned by mail by Tuesday, November 7. Ballots may be brought in to the City Clerk’s office prior to Election Day, and there will be four other drop off locations open on Nov. 7, but there are no traditional polling places. For full details about voter registration deadlines and ballot collection click here
The endorsed candidates, Cathy Murillo for Mayor, Jim Scafide (District 4), Eric Friedman (District 5) and Gregg Hart (District 6) for City Council, are busy walking neighborhoods and phoning voters from the recently opened party headquarters at 1025 Castillo St. It’s a job requiring lots of volunteer effort. Here’s how to help:
Contact Tyler Gibson at 805-364-2685 or wtylergibson@gmail.com