Endorsements 2018

The Santa Barbara County Democratic Party has been busy this summer interviewing candidates and considering endorsements for a large array of elected offices in both the north and south portions of the county. Since our last report in June, here are the most recently endorsed candidates:
  • Jonathan Abboud for SBCC Area 6 Trustee
  • Darcél Elliott for SBCC Area 5 Trustee
  • Rafael Gutierrez for Santa Maria City Council
  • Gloria Soto for Santa Maria City Council
  • Richard Mayer for Goleta School Board
  • Matias Eusterbock for Goleta Water District
  • Kathleen Werner for Goleta Water District
  • Abraham Melendrez for Santa Maria Bonita School District
  • Sarah Bernard for I.V. Recreation and Parks District
  • Jacob Lebell for I.V. Recreation and Parks District
  • Celine Washington for I.V. Recreation and Parks District
County Measures G and H both pertain to the creation of a Citizens’ Independent Redistricting Commission. The party urges a YES vote on Measure G and a NO vote on Measure H. 
For the full list of endorsed candidates, both local and statewide, as well positions on state ballot propositions and county measures, visit the county party’s web page.


Stand Strong Against Prop. 6
The 12 propositions originally approved for our state’s November ballot are a mixed bag, possibly confusing for voters to decipher. The county Democratic party endorses seven of them for a YES vote, urges a NO vote on three others, doesn’t take a stand on one, while one has already been removed from the ballot.

The most crucial for voters to understand and OPPOSE, though, is PROPOSITION 6–the Republican “Gas Tax” repeal, which would wipe out $5.1 billion in existing transportation funding currently dedicated to fixing roads, bridges, highways, and public transit systems. Securing that long overdue funding was the major accomplishment of last year’s state legislature and a crowning achievement of Gov. Jerry Brown’s final term.

Republicans think Prop 6 is their ticket to excite and drive their few remaining voters to the polls in hopes of retaining their majority in Congress and even picking up additional seats to help salvage Trump’s failed presidency.

As we walk and phone this summer, or simply talk among friends, we need to urge every Democrat, progressive, and caring voter to defeat Proposition 6 and prevent the elimination of this historic investment we are making in California’s infrastructure and future. For more on this issue, visit noprop6.com